Frankie Hession-Harris

Owner / Director

Frankie is a vastly experienced coach fortunate enough to have coached and played all over England and overseas in California from San Jose to Los Angeles. Studied at Evergreen Valley College and California State University-Dominguez Hills in California, USA on a men’s soccer scholarship. Voted as a 2016 All-American, ranking Frankie amongst the top 10 college soccer players in the country. As well as being named an All-American, Frankie was fortunate enough to have been voted in the All-Conference, All-State and All-Region Team Of The Year, along with being named Conference MVP (Most Valuable Player) and winning Conference Titles. This then opened the door for an opportunity for Frankie to move to Brussels and sign with Sint Nikalaas, a third division professional club in Belgium. Frankie later returned home to England, where he continues to pass all of his knowledge and experiences on to the younger generation with ambitions to progress them on to the next level.