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BB Elite Regional Sessions

(YEAR 1 - Year 4)

We have BB Elite sessions running in various locations across Essex. Our sessions for Year 1 - Year 4 players are based heavily on Ball Mastery and developing a players technical ability, getting comfortable with the ball at their feet. In this age group, players will start to form good habits and see clear progress from the Ballers Elite coaching method.


BB Elite Regional Sessions

(Year 5 - Year 9)

Our sessions for Year 5 - Year 9 players are to improve on what was learned in the previous age range, whilst implementing new Ball Mastery techniques and getting confident with using different foot surfaces. Players in this age group will also develop a clearer understanding of the game in team based scenarios whilst participating in small sided games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc).

BB Elite Centre Of Excellence

(7yrs - 14yrs)

Our BB Elite Centre Of Excellence is an invite-only centre for children aged 7 - 14 years. This class is focussed on advanced Ball Mastery techniques which can be transferred into match situations. Players will be responsible for their own equipment to bring to each session, installing discipline and good habits. Players from this group will represent us in fixtures against some of the top professional academies in the country. Players can be invited in for a free trial period with our Centre Of Excellence, as well as being scouted by a member of our staff at their local grassroots fixtures.