The focus for our reception group is to improve on their basic skills of football following on from BabyBallers and utilising the use of matching colours in teamed / match situations.


Ball mastery will be used a lot so that the players are able to get comfortable with the ball using different foot surfaces and getting hundreds of touches gaining confidence with the ball.


We will be taking those elements learned throughout reception and adding to those whilst we now start to recognise space and working on our passing and receiving.

When and where is the space to attack / defend, should I take a soft touch in a confined area, should I take a larger touch into the space, Should I pass, run or shoot.

We will help improve our players decision making whilst still using the colour matching scheme.


In year 2 we will be polishing up on all of the skills and key elements learned over the previous two years whilst focusing on power, explosiveness and speed so that they have worked on all of the fundamentals ready when they go into matches.


We want our players to hit the ground running when they join teams so we will be put all of our ball mastery finishing, passing, 1v1 skills together into group play situations so that we become comfortable performing these tasks within team environments.